Triveneta Grandi Impianti srl is a company leader on a world-wide scale in the production of rotary dryers for industrial laundries and dying plants. Founded in 1969, it boasts a thirty-year experience in the production of Rotary Dryers, able to satisfy the most different exigencies of their customers more and more exigent in quality and security. Therefore the Company has always tried to improve itself by using high quality equipment of high technology and in accordance with the current safety standards. The big range of products (about 70 models) allows the Triveneta Grandi Impianti srl to offer machines also for special treatments for jeans, knitting, hosiery and polar fabric. The application of special components and of high-quality equipment very simple to use, gives the machines a great versatility; very efficacious are the high precision humidity controller, which controls and adjusts the residual moisture on the treated material, the rotating counter door for the stone wash or the dust mats treatments, the drum separator for the treatment of two rolls of fabric at the same time and the steam injection into the drum with automatic cycle, particularly suitable for the shrinkage of microfibre and polyester garments.