Tumble Dryer Self Cleaning Filter "DustBuster"

External self-cleaning filter composed by a filtering panel and a dust collection bag. 

  • During the working phase, the air passes trough a special net which captures and retains the dust and the lint;

  • The operator sets in the program the moments in which the air flow must be inverted. Therefore once these data have been memorised in the instrument and you have selected the precise air breaks, the dust  falls and is then collected in the bag placed on the base;

  • After the first air flow breaks programming, the procedure is completely automatic without any further intervention of the operator, who will have only to replace the bag when necessary;

  • This system allows the almost total filtering of the exhaust air.

Increase Dust Collected up to 15%

1 %
1 %
With DustBuster 1 per day
Disegnatore web 32%
Without DustBsuter 1 per cycle

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