TGI SKS T50, T75 e e TT75: industrial tumble dryer specific to socks and seamlees.


• PRODUCTS INJECTION (3):Triple injections for a programmed diffusion of products (e.g. softeners or antibacterials) spraid directly on the garments, during the drying phase;

• SPECIAL POLISHED DRUM WITH Ø 4 MM HOLES: PFor those who work every day with very delicate garments: a rotating drum with mirror polished treated surface;

• STEAM INJECTION: To make garments wet before a soft drying, also suitable for the most delicate fabrics, and for a greater softness of the finished garment;

• MULTILINGUAL TOUCH: PTo set drying programs more easily and check the machine operations in real time;

• INVERTER ON VENTILATION: It allows to optimize the use of products such as softeners or antibacte-rials used inside the dryer;

Special Drum
Product Injection
Product Injection
Touch Multilangual Control

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