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Steam consumption*
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Energy consumption*
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Work time saving*

The Green Up line uses a sophisticated exhaust air heat recovery system to preheat the incoming air. This mechanism, combined with the drying control by an infrared sensor, allows to reduce consumption, waste, processing times and running costs with certified and innovative machines.

Green Up machinery is easy to be positioned and has been designed to facilitate the work  maneuvers and handling within industrial dyeing plants all over the world.

The Benefits of choosing well
(For the sake of all).

  • system with exhaust heat recovery
  • infrared system to avoid waste during drying
  • tilting and pass-through system
  • less and less space to manage

Different models for different load capacities
D 290, D 380, D 470

– Drying times
– Steam consumption
– Energy consumption

Taylor made solutions

The laundry system as a control center, coordination and optimization of works, from washing to drying and then to packaging: for each production line, different combinations of automatic or semi-automatic loading and unloading systems.

Our Past, Our Future

All great stories are made of small, continuous achievements over time. Ours began more than 45 years ago, in 1973, and continues today, even now, all over the world.

Not only Green.
Green Up.

The advantages and ecological respect of the Green Up line can be verifiable by the
Green Label di Acimit and through our monitoring software of the laundry activities;in fact it’s possible to check at any time the consumption differences for each individual machine installed in your industrial dyeing plant.

The advantages of the Green Up line:
Green Up:

– Loading-unloading times
– Labor for each line
– Physical fatigue in the loading-unloading phases
+ Wellness for the people involved

Drying time*
Steam consumption*
Carbon footprint*

*Daily production: 30.000 pieces • Working time: 24/24 h.

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