"Made in Italy is in our DNA” says Alberto Balasso, TGI production coordinator for industrial tumble dryer. Top quality materials, customized products, continuous developing: learn more about our corporate philosophy.

Triveneta Grandi Impianti has “ Made in Italy ” in its DNA, in its genetic code.

A natural step because since its foundation TGI wanted to guarantee high quality in all products aspects: design, selection of materials, assembling.

It’s the Market choice. It’s the Market that decides which products to reward and which production processes guarantee quality and durability.   We sold tumble dryers that after 25-30 years are still running maintaining high production standards. TGI process system has been refined over the years, little by little, step by step and it’s the result of a continuous research of best suppliers, production improving and professional updating of our collaborators.

We use a trustworthy partner network built over the years. Suppliers “ at zero km” with whom we have established a long-term confidence relationship; this partnership and the use of products with high-quality materials allows Triveneta Grandi Impianti to be competitive in terms of quality.

“These are the conditions that allow us to develop custom solutions for a very wide variety of customers all over the world”.


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